How About a Snow Day?

This is going to be a quick post.  More pics than conversation.  As well it should be.  We finally got a winter storm.  First of the season and for us in Minnesota, that is almost unheard of by the end of February.  It started out yesterday afternoon as a freezing drizzle/sleet.  By nightfall it was all snow.  Big, heavy snowflakes.  Perfect wet stuff to make snowballs and snowmen.  And to down powerlines and cause heart attacks shoveling :(  But we’ll make this a happy post.

My sidekick woke up to a snow day home from school.  In the Twin Cities, we received anywhere from 3 to 15 inches.  My town in the northern suburbs received about 8 or 9.  Almost more snow than we’ve received all season.  I wanted to jump for joy, grab my camera and head out!  Unfortunately, I still had to go to work.  I didn’t get a snow day like her.  I did, however, grab my camera and take some shots before work, at work, and on my lunch hour.  The lighting wasn’t exactly the best, but hell it was still snowing!

The last photo of the trees was submitted to the local news station and it was seen on the air.  However, I missed it :(  Oh well, next time, LOL!




13 thoughts on “How About a Snow Day?”

  1. We’re getting snow at home in New Hampshire now too. The only problem is, I’m in Arizona, and scheduled to fly home tomorrow. The storm should stop about the time we land, assuming we can make our connection in Baltimore.

    I love that last shot of yours. It ought to be on a Christmas card.

      1. We did! The roads were a little dicey driving home from the airport, but not too bad at all. Our plane was late leaving Baltimore, but we were thankful for that as it allowed us enough time to grab some pizzas for supper.

  2. You really got some GREAT shots here. Plenty for next years Xmas card (if you do your own). Since I’m your neighbor in Wisconsin, I’m happy to say Madison missed the heavy snow. Keep those great photos coming!

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