Here Come the Trumpeters

Last Saturday, I had a great winter photo shoot.  It was a beautiful 35 degrees out, and the family I shot were a great group of ladies.  My sidekick and I had plans afterward to go in search of one of the many Snowy Owls that have been spotted up in Stearns and Benton Counties.  This is about a 90 minute drive Northwest.

However, plans don’t always go so well.  I woke up that morning not feeling very well.  My sidekick had been fighting pneumonia and a cracked rib, and my dad was also not feeling well. Tis the season, I guess.  I made it through the photo shoot and just did not want to make that trip.  But I didn’t want to let a warm day go to waste.  Lord knows, it has been below zero since.  They are talking by tomorrow, we are supposed to be colder than it has been in 20 years, 25-35 below REGULAR temperature with wind chills in the 40-50 below range.  The Governor of Minnesota has ordered all public schools closed on Monday.  The bummer part, I still need to go to work!

At any rate, we headed down about 9 miles to the Swan Park we hit every winter.  I have blogged about the swan park before, there is more about it at this link Monticello Swan Park.  This park is located on the Mississippi River.  My sidekick is enjoying her first photography class at school, and had a “panoramic” assignment, so she took a few shots of all the swans.  This year it seemed like there were less than past years.  There are usually at least 1,000-3,000 swans, geese, ducks and other water fowl .  There were maybe 750 this year.  But as we looked across the river, there seemed like there were 750 more.  Next time I will take a video to post, as it is very loud, LOL!

I hope you enjoy the photos of these beauties!


IMG_8623 IMG_8565 IMG_8561 IMG_8538 IMG_8503 IMG_8433 IMG_8450 IMG_8474 IMG_8486 IMG_8494 Trumpeter Swan Trumpeter Swans Flying Monticello Swan Park Trumpeter Swan

2 thoughts on “Here Come the Trumpeters”

  1. Most definitely enjoyed, great captures! Easily a day can be spent at this park, what a delight to watch & photograph so many trumpeters at once, and along with so many other species of waterfowl at the same time.

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