52 Week Photo Challenge Week 1

Week 1 was a bit of a challenge, if I am hearing correctly from you. That is what this is all about! To get everyone out of their comfort zone!


Here is my week 1 photo “New Beginnings”.  I just finished school in December, and am looking for another job. I also am adding some new services to my photography business. Web and graphic design. I am working on a website overhaul and making changes to the way I do some things. So yes, those are some of the “New Beginnings” for me in 2017. However, I really can’t take a photo of stuff like that, LOL.

So I thought I about the next best thing. The sunset. A sunset makes room for another day to start all over again. A new beginning.

I can handle that.  It was pretty chilly when I took this with my  iPhone on Saturday. It was -7 below with a wind chill of -18 below. One of my favorite places to bird on the Mississippi just down the road from my home.  In fact, there were a couple of Mallards down in the freezing water bathing themselves.

I saw several awesome photos with the hashtag #FMTM52weeks. So glad people are getting out there and participating in the challenge! I will be sharing some of these here and there throughout the challenge on my blog and Instagram pages.

Next week will be an easy one. Especially around here. Winter. Don’t forget to link back here and/or use #FMTM52weeks for a feature!  If you need another glimpse at the list, click 52 Week Challenge Categories.

Thanks for stopping by!





8 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Challenge Week 1”

  1. I’ve never done a challenge before but wanted to in the past. The 365 ones always seem overwhelming even though looking back at day doesn’t go by that I didn’t take some kind of photo. LOL! But I like your idea of 52 photos. I’m a fellow birder so I’m glad I found your site. I love to see other perspectives on bird photography. So I’m going to participate in your challenge! 😊

  2. I did it, Sheila! 😆 After drafting my post, I first ‘cheated’ to see your post here, and then moved forward on posting mine. I love your interpretation as well! Thanks for starting this, I do need to get out of my comfort zone, and I can see (with anxiousness & worries) some of the challenges are going to pick my brain to do. Thanks for starting this, I hope I can succeed each week. Hugs!

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