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Sunday Snippets

On Monday!  LOL.  I wanted to post this yesterday, but time just got away from me!

Most days, I take a lot of pictures and pick from those for my daily Project 365 photo. Sometimes I have really good days and will have a lot of good ones, so it is a struggle to pick just one. During my last Project 365, I had a feature on my blog I called Monday Modge Podge. This is where I featured my photos that are not my Project 365. I thought this time I would use a different term and call it the “Sunday Snippets”. Sundays are a less busy day for me than Mondays, so Sundays work out better for me to pull this feature together.

Enjoy :)


Some trumpeters in the middle of a water vapor on the Mississippi River
Tracks on the river bank. Any ideas as to what they are?
My fave kids, my great nephews and my sidekick :)
Trumpeters huddling together in the frigid cold last week on the Mississippi.
Snow and Cold
The frozen Mississippi last week. Today it is all open again.
My beautiful Chloe girl.
Hot cocoa. Always good on frigid days!
Looking for a Snowy, ran out of time and snapped this. I have a fall photo of the same farm.
Old timer….
Saturday was conference championship day for my sidekick. 3rd place, not too shabby!
Finally, another Snowy. Two Snowy’s in a week. Adrenaline was pumping!


“Nice Bench”……

That is a comment (sarcastically, I might add, LOL) my nephew made on one of my photos I took of a bench.  He was with me when I took it and had asked “What are you taking a picture of?” and I said, “that bench.”  The reply was followed by a funny look and rolled eyes.   I get that a lot, LOL.

I have no clue where or when my fascination with benches came in.  I’ve seen them in other photographs and thought they looked cool.  Color, Black & White, Sepia.  It doesn’t matter.   It just seems like when I see one I have to take a picture of it.   I almost always incorporate a bench into my portrait photography, if there is one to be found.

Benches, fences, gates, trees, stumps, etc.  You will see a lot of them in my photography.  I love trying to get the perfect composition of inanimate objects in a photo.   However, it does not always work out that beautifully :)  I have another photographer friend who just doesn’t see my inanimate object fascination, LOL.

Maybe it is that they look so lonely and it looks like they need company.   I have always been the one to try and fix something or someone.  And it has backfired on me a couple times.  They speak to me somehow.  I can’t explain it.  Maybe they want me to sit and talk to them for a while, peacefully watching the day go by.

I may have to try it some time…….. :)