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Looking Back on 2015

I have been going through photos on my external hard drive and figuring out which ones I want to sell on my website.  I went back to 2011 when I started my Project 365 and have come up from there.  I have always been a “shutter bug”, but I did not realize until later in life that I had this hidden talent. When I finished my Project 365 three years ago, I realized then it was my calling.

Looking back on 2015, I didn’t’ think I took a lot of photos.  However, reality tells me that I pressed the shutter button over 20,000 times.  In 2015, most of my photos were portraits.  I am a student now, and let’s face it, I need all the money I can get to pay bills.  Every little bit helps, and I do enjoy portrait photography. I just don’t enjoy the endless hours of editing.

While I think I hold my own at portrait photography, it is not my niche. They say every photographer has their “niche”, photography genres where they excel. My true passion lies in nature, still life, birds, and inanimate objects. I could sit for hours shooting a Snowy Owl in freezing cold temps or the different textures of fall leaves.  My photography resolution for 2016 is to get out more and take the photos that I truly love.

I have compiled this slideshow of some of my favorites of 2015 that I have taken, mostly “professionally”. However, this slideshow does not include any photos of my sidekick’s dance team performances, events, or either of my great nephews’ sports events. The dance team photos alone probably took up a quarter of my total for the year, LOL, which is as it should be J  Soon she will be off to college and I will have more time on my hands.  For now, I take what I can get when I can.

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