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Best of 2014

Because I didn’t blog for months, and barely posted a photo in 2014 because of reasons I wrote in my last post, I felt compelled to just do a short blog with my best of 2014.  I didn’t get out much, but I have a few favorites.

My foot is getting looked at finally on Monday, so that maybe I can start getting out on photo walks again soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


New Year’s Day 2014 sunset at Henry’s Woods Park, Rogers, MN


Snowy Owl, Ramsey, Minnesota


Lake Superior, Duluth, MN. A cold winter made for ice still on the big lake Memorial Weekend
Frosty Lake after a late Spring Snowstorm, Elk River, MN


Great Horned Owl and Owlet, New Brighton, MN
A Minnesota Fall, Rogers, MN
Downtown Minneapolis, MN on the Mississippi River
Spring Baltimore Oriole, Elk River, MN
Snowy Owl, Ramsey, MN
Hot Cocoa on a cold Minnesota day


Sunday Snippets

On Monday!  LOL.  I wanted to post this yesterday, but time just got away from me!

Most days, I take a lot of pictures and pick from those for my daily Project 365 photo. Sometimes I have really good days and will have a lot of good ones, so it is a struggle to pick just one. During my last Project 365, I had a feature on my blog I called Monday Modge Podge. This is where I featured my photos that are not my Project 365. I thought this time I would use a different term and call it the “Sunday Snippets”. Sundays are a less busy day for me than Mondays, so Sundays work out better for me to pull this feature together.

Enjoy :)


Some trumpeters in the middle of a water vapor on the Mississippi River
Tracks on the river bank. Any ideas as to what they are?
My fave kids, my great nephews and my sidekick :)
Trumpeters huddling together in the frigid cold last week on the Mississippi.
Snow and Cold
The frozen Mississippi last week. Today it is all open again.
My beautiful Chloe girl.
Hot cocoa. Always good on frigid days!
Looking for a Snowy, ran out of time and snapped this. I have a fall photo of the same farm.
Old timer….
Saturday was conference championship day for my sidekick. 3rd place, not too shabby!
Finally, another Snowy. Two Snowy’s in a week. Adrenaline was pumping!


Monday Modge Podge

I didn’t have the best week, but more than made up for it on Saturday when we went to the Oliver Kelly Farm to see how the holidays were celebrated on a real life working farm back in the mid-1800’s.  It was a lot of fun.  Not to mention beautiful weather at about 30 degrees.  Wish we would get more snow.  We went on an oxen-drawn wagon ride and saw a Great Blue Heron rookery.  So glad we went.  Other than that, real life settled in this week with the holidays, science projects, birthday parties and what-not.

Enjoy :)

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Down the Spirituality Road

When I was little, we went to church. My mother is Catholic and went to a Catholic school back in her day. My dad’s family, on the other hand, is Lutheran. My brother was the requisite alter boy and both him and my sister made their communion and confirmation. Me, I went to CCD many years after them and “quit”. My parents let me. So I made communion but am not confirmed.

Fast forward many years later. I made it to church for weddings, funerals and other sorts of events like that over the years. I got married in my in-laws backyard by the Justice of the Peace. My ex was also born and raised catholic. So when we had Baylee, we decided to baptize her Catholic. And that was that. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I believe in God and I pray, and always have. I am sure I will get many comments and slaps in the face on this post. That is why we live in this wonderful country and everyone has an opinion and I have the right to “write”. :)

However, the events the last couple years in my personal life have really got me thinking again on my spirituality. For starters, Baylee is very curious and wanting to learn more about God. My mother being in the hospital last year, new job, new beginnings, etc. I have prayed more in the last year than I have in my entire life. I pray in the car and talk to God on my way to work every morning. It gets me through thd day. I have been struggling to find a church I like here locally. But I also know that going to church doesn’t make me religious, either.

Last summer Baylee and I attended a mother/daughter Christian weekend camp in Southern Minnesota, Camp Omega. We were joined by our best friends, and another mother/daughter team. At that point in my life, I needed a weekend away like you wouldn’t believe. And I got it. We stayed in a cabin with several other mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. We shared stories with strangers and bonded with them. The girls had their time and we had ours. We canoed, played games, sang by the campfire (short of “Kumbaya” LOL), watched the fellowship in skits, and did archery. And we prayed.

As I walked around that weekend taking photos of the beauty around us, I thought about how God has touched everything around us and how he will make it good again. I came back renewed and refreshed with a little more sense of spirituality. I still haven’t found a church yet, but I continue to pray and I know God is talking to me through the photos I take. Photography is my outlet and my therapy. Sometimes I think that it is also my spirituality.

At any rate, I am a work in progress as far as spirituality is concerned. As with many aspects of my life. But I know my prayers will be answered and everything will fall into place. I do have faith in that.

Here are some photos I took of that weekend.

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Veteran’s Day

Just a quick post to say Happy Veteran’s Day tomorrow to those in America who are serving or have served this country, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Thank you for making it possible for me to write this blog and take my pictures, and give me my freedom that others in different countries do not have.

A special thank you to my dad, who served in Korea with the U.S. Army.  I thought I would post a couple pictures of him then and now.

Thanks, dad, I love you :)