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Spring….and Project 365

I figured I better post the last couple weeks of my Project 365 photos before I got too far behind.    I had a few good ones and a few that I just didn’t feel it.  But I told myself a long time ago that the challenge was a photo a day for 365 days.  Not a “masterpiece” a day.  If I take a photo of my foot, it counts, LOL.  So I will showcase some (and add a few other favorites from the last couple weeks) and put the rest of the “duds” out to pasture.  I do post my photos every day on my Facebook page.  I know I shouldn’t say “duds”, as I can’t believe I have gotten this far in my Project 365.  I have 50 days left.  I’m pretty proud of myself, excited and sad at the same time, for it to end.  I will miss it and will continue to bring my camera everywhere I go.  I have decided I am going to do some type of 52 week challenge next.

We have been enjoying some awesome weather in the 60’s here, the latest snowstorm snow is all but gone and it is actually supposed to reach 72 tomorrow.  But in Minnesota, I do believe it will get worse before it gets better.   We have had snow in April, so we may see the other shoe fall soon.  However, any snow we get at this point will be gone within a couple days with the warmer temperatures.

Spring is definitely arriving, slowly but surely.   Over the weekend, on my photo drive (for more barns and old houses), I saw motorcycles out and about.  Up here, that means Spring.  I saw two robins, a red-winged blackbird and heard a mourning dove.  All definite signs of Spring.  This morning while I was taking my sidekick in for a throat culture (another sign of Spring, unfortunately), she saw a couple robins, pointed them out to me and said sheepishly, and with a bit of a red face, “I think they’re mating.”   I said, “tis the season”.  LOL. 

I can’t wait for mid-April when the Wildlife Drive opens on our local refuge.  We  went there a couple times a week last spring and summer.  One of my first blog posts last fall was about my peaceful place here.  We have scheduled birding outings at the refuge throughout spring :)  Headed to a local park this Saturday.  Another along the river, supposedly they have an Osprey nest.

Day 315

 Today I went on a short walk looking for buds. I didn’t find many, but there was a tree that had a few.

Day 314

Yesterday I watched these two clowns for the better part of my lunch hour.  “Hey, Baby, come here often?”  They were too funny, and I didn’t get half their antics on camera. 

More of the bumbling duo.



Day 313

This day I was going stir-crazy.  I had to get out of the house.  It was a beautiful day, we were cleaning with the windows wide open listening to Adele.  My woman-crush, LOL.  Her album came out at the right time for me to ease my pain.  Perfect music for cleaning :)  At any rate, I had to get out and about.  So I grabbed my camera and was off in search of old barns again.  My new favorite.  I came across a few, then I saw this gem.  An abandoned old house, looking all spooky and Halloween-ish, so I did a bit of post-processing to make it even more so.  There was a house next to it on another property and a house across the street, so I didn’t dally.

 And here are a couple barns I came across that day.  In April, my photo club is headed on a barn tour of about 10 barns close to the area.  I’m excited to say the least.


Day 312 

My sidekick and I went for a walk on this beautiful Saturday.  We went to one of our favorite parks on the river. 

Day 311

I drive by this church almost daily, it was one of the first churches in my little town.  Also did a little post-processing, but mostly just to frame and highlight.


There was Day 310 where I almost got the heart!

Day 306 was another barn

And another that I fancied that day….

All that were left were nothing to write home about, except this one that I am very proud of.  Day 303.  My sidekick is going to regionals for her History Day Project she did on the Beatles.  She will be judged this Saturday :)

So that is that for this installment, hope to have more for you this weekend, hoping for that Osprey nest and hope they are back!

Enjoy your week everyone, thanks for stopping by!