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How About a Snow Day?

This is going to be a quick post.  More pics than conversation.  As well it should be.  We finally got a winter storm.  First of the season and for us in Minnesota, that is almost unheard of by the end of February.  It started out yesterday afternoon as a freezing drizzle/sleet.  By nightfall it was all snow.  Big, heavy snowflakes.  Perfect wet stuff to make snowballs and snowmen.  And to down powerlines and cause heart attacks shoveling :(  But we’ll make this a happy post.

My sidekick woke up to a snow day home from school.  In the Twin Cities, we received anywhere from 3 to 15 inches.  My town in the northern suburbs received about 8 or 9.  Almost more snow than we’ve received all season.  I wanted to jump for joy, grab my camera and head out!  Unfortunately, I still had to go to work.  I didn’t get a snow day like her.  I did, however, grab my camera and take some shots before work, at work, and on my lunch hour.  The lighting wasn’t exactly the best, but hell it was still snowing!

The last photo of the trees was submitted to the local news station and it was seen on the air.  However, I missed it :(  Oh well, next time, LOL!




Monday Modge Podge

I had a variety this week, Monday to Monday.  It was 40 degrees last Wednesday with blue skies.  Today it was under 20 with a light snow falling and a dusting on the ground.  Tonight it will be single digits, and then supposed to get warm again this weekend.  Only in Minnesota. :)

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No Trespassing!

I have been asked by a couple people in recent weeks if I have ever been yelled at, kicked off property, etc., for taking pictures.  Up until today I could honestly say no.  Well of course my mother and other family members get mad at me for always having the camera in their faces.  They get sick of it, lol.  Oh, I have gotten a lot of stares too.  People see me with my tripod and then look all over trying to find out what the hell I’m taking a picture of.  I love it.

But in search of my Project 365 photos, for the most part I just pull over on the side of the road, put my flashers on, get out and take the picture.   However, a couple times I have ignored “No Trespassing” signs, which I know is wrong.  But it has only been for a couple of seconds, barely on the property, and usually when no one’s home.  I have even taken a picture of a “No Trespassing” sign and featured it in my Monday Modge Podge.  I know, bad ;)

Today I was driving by this beautiful bright red barn that I have driven by many, many times on my lunch hour excursions.   It is not an old barn, but it has spoken to me.   It is just sitting there on a corner with another out-building and an old rusty tractor sitting in front of it.  I finally turned off on a side road today, put on my flashers, and grabbed my camera.  I didn’t even get out of my truck.  I snapped several pictures sitting there, and was just thinking about getting out and walking across the street when I heard a woman yelling from across the way.  I turned and looked at her and she yelled again “No Trespassing,” to which I replied, “I’m not, I’m on the County highway.”  She was a thin little bit of an woman, gray hair, wearing what my mother always called a “house coat” or “duster”.  I guessed her between 70 and 80, standing on the front door steps of an old farmhouse.  She then said, “what are you doing?”  I yelled, “taking a picture of your beautiful barn, do you mind?”  She then huffed, and said “Yes, I do.  That’s why it stays beautiful.  People leave it alone.  Please leave.”  I thought of replying to her that it was public property, thought of going up to her and giving her my card, explaining my purpose, and my blog.  But then I know there are rules in photography about taking pictures of other people’s property and what not.  And I figured she probably didn’t even know what a blog was.  So I backed off.

I respected her wishes, got in my truck, waved at her, and drove off.


That was the first time that I’ve “gotten in trouble” for taking pictures.   But I am about 99% sure that it is not the last time J

Here are a couple of shots of the barn.


Crosby Manitou State Park

I said when I started this blog that it was going to be a little about photography, a little about life and everything in between.  This post is one of those about all of the above.

This past summer, a friend and I took a camping trip to Crosby Manitou State Park up past Lake Superior’s North Shore in Finland, Minnesota.

Little did I know that it was to be our last trip….let me re-phrase that, our last “anything” together.   Looking back on it now I guess I did know that there was a change coming,  but I didn’t know that it would be such a drastic change, and that our friendship of almost 20 years would end.  Life sucks sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it.

I quote the song “Red Rag Top” by Tim Mcgraw:

“Well you do what you do and you pay for your sins and there’s no such thing as what might’ve been.  That’s a waste of time, drive you out of your mind.”

I have to say I found out a lot that weekend.   I found out who my true friends are, and that friendship means more to some people than others.  I found out about lies and betrayal, and what both can do to your heart and soul.  I found out that I can forgive quickly, but forgetting takes time.  I found out that you live and learn, and life goes on.  I found out that everything happens for a reason, and it all is really in God’s hands; prayer is a powerful thing.  I found out how strong I really am, and continue to get stronger every day.

And I found out that I can take a mean picture or two :)   Well I knew that, but it just got better.  And I’m okay with saying that and giving myself a pat on the back.  I am aware that I have a lot to learn and a long ways to go.  I am a work in progress in all aspects of my life.  Writing this blog and my passion for photography has been very therapeautic for me.  I have my good and bad days, the bad days few and far between now, and I can only go up from here :)

Crosby Manitou State Park is in the middle of the Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota, and part of the hiking trail system runs into the Superior Hiking Trail.  The campground we were at was a “backpack-in” site on a nice little lake, Lake Benson.  It was a beautiful park with some awesome hiking trails, needless to say I was pooped at the end of the weekend from hiking the rough terrain.

We hiked to the nearby waterfalls and walked  around the lake on the man-made boardwalk that was pretty cool.  We took refreshing baths in the cold lake and cooked steaks on the open fire.  I was disappointed I didn’t see a lot of wildlife, but the scenery was incredible, and what I did see was photo-worthy :)

Hope you enjoy Northern Minnesota as much as I do.

“Nice Bench”……

That is a comment (sarcastically, I might add, LOL) my nephew made on one of my photos I took of a bench.  He was with me when I took it and had asked “What are you taking a picture of?” and I said, “that bench.”  The reply was followed by a funny look and rolled eyes.   I get that a lot, LOL.

I have no clue where or when my fascination with benches came in.  I’ve seen them in other photographs and thought they looked cool.  Color, Black & White, Sepia.  It doesn’t matter.   It just seems like when I see one I have to take a picture of it.   I almost always incorporate a bench into my portrait photography, if there is one to be found.

Benches, fences, gates, trees, stumps, etc.  You will see a lot of them in my photography.  I love trying to get the perfect composition of inanimate objects in a photo.   However, it does not always work out that beautifully :)  I have another photographer friend who just doesn’t see my inanimate object fascination, LOL.

Maybe it is that they look so lonely and it looks like they need company.   I have always been the one to try and fix something or someone.  And it has backfired on me a couple times.  They speak to me somehow.  I can’t explain it.  Maybe they want me to sit and talk to them for a while, peacefully watching the day go by.

I may have to try it some time…….. :)